Bir Billing; The Ultimate Guide

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Introduction :

This is everything you need to know about Bir Billing for your next trip

Bir, a small village in northern Himachal Pradesh is set against the backdrop the Indian Himalayan Dhauladhar mountain range. Paragliding is a popular activity in this area.

The launch site is at 2400m in the Billing meadow 18 km north of Bir. Paragliders take off from Chowgan on Bir’s southern outskirts.

Bir Billing is also well-known for its Tibetan culture and spiritual Tibetan monasteries. They are located in beautiful and peaceful settings.

These are the best things to do at Bir-Billing:

Paragliding can be considered a paragliding sport.

●      RoyTellsTales .

This is, without doubt, the most popular tourist attraction in Bir Billing for thrill-seekers. Certified pilots can fly solo, while beginners can fly in tandem.

While the pilot controls the glider, the tourist can simply enjoy a bird’s-eye view of the ground below. There are many paragliding companies in Bir Billing. Prices vary depending on how long the flight is and if there are any bargains.

The cost of a 20- to 25 minute flight would be approximately INR 2500. If the tourist doesn’t have his own plane, this is a must-do deal. The flying season runs from September through November. The village also hosts regular international events. Make sure to eat light before you take off paragliding. To adjust to the altitude, you should spend an hour at Billing. It is warm at Bir Billing so bring a jacket. It is very cold up there. It is also worth checking the age tag of your glider. Gliders older than seven years are safer because there is no maintenance program.

●      You can indulge in adventure sports as well.

Temple Run Adventure offers bungee jumping and rock climbing in Bir Billing. Bangor waterfall, a small but impressive waterfall, is located approximately 5 km from Bir.

This is the base of any adventure sports company.

Bicycles can be hired through agencies or companies in Bir Bazar. Experienced riders can also accompany tourists.

Tourists enjoy peaceful walks along the Bir River banks, as well as muscle-stretching adventure activities. Each traveler who seeks peace and tranquility will feel at ease by the tranquility of this experience.

●      Visit the monasteries.

Sonam Singh is the author of The Transit Story.

At an elevation of 1525m, the Tibetan Buddhist temples in Bir Billing and Shudras (monastic college) never cease to be enchanting.

Palpung Sherabling Monastic Seat

Ila Reddy: Tripoto (Courtesy Ila Reddy)

Palpung Sherabling Monastery, one of Bir’s oldest monasteries, is a great example of Bir’s historic past. It is located approximately 6 km from Bhattu’s Tibetan Colony Market. It is home to 250 monks and includes three shrine halls and six shrine rooms. The monastery is located on 30 acres. The monastery offers yoga and meditation training, as well as long-term and short-term meditation.

●      Monastery at Tsering Jong

A cafe is located within the grounds of the Tsering Jong monastery. Visitors to this spot feel calmed by the sight of prayer flags in the air and monks singing in unison.

●      Chokling Monastery

The Chokling monastery (also known as the Pema Ewan Chokgyur Gyurme Ling Monastery) is located in the Tibetan settlement. It features a stunning stupa and a magnificent statue of Padmasambhava. This was the location for Khyentse Norbu’s 1999 feature film “The Cup”.

●      Ling Palyul Chokor

Around 170 monks reside at Palyul Choekhorling Monastery. Also known as Nyingmapa Monastery. The Nyingma school was Tibet’s first Buddhist institution. It is well-known in India, America, and eastern Tibet. The monastery offers free education, lodging, clothing, and medical care to all monks.

Bir Dirru Sakya Monastery is another popular monastery in Bir and surrounding areas.

Many non-monastic educational institutions offer regular Buddhist theory and practice courses in the Bir region. Regular classes, retreats and seminars are offered by both Deer Park Institute as well as Dharmalaya Institute on topics such philosophy, meditation, ecology, and health. Participants will be permitted to stay at either center.

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