Can homeschooling be considered an option in education?

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In recent times, there has been a growing trend of homeschooling. Parents are willing to home-school their children. There has been an upward trend on the internet. It has made everything available in an easy way.

Home-schooling is becoming popular due to the increasing use and accessibility of the internet. There has been a 45% increase in home-schooling. More and more parents are taking up the responsibility of home-schooling their kids.

With the recent increase in the use of technology, education trends and patterns are changing. These changing trends are also changing the mindset of the parents. Their approach towards the education of their children is also changing.

Although the percentage of home-schooling children may be a little less, the forecast shows that there will be a sharp increase in the home-schooling trends in the future. These patterns also represent the changing education patterns across the country. 

The homeschooling aspect

Recently, there has been a high trend of home-schooling. These days’ parents are facing a lot of struggles relating to state schools. Hence, they prefer home-schooling instead of sending their children to school.

Also, there are lesser special needs schools, which is a major factor contributing to the concept of home-schooling. Along with this factor, other factors include a below-par school environment, inflexible curriculum etc.

Many schools that lack basic facilities borrow fast loans no guarantorand provide basic facilities to the children. This is also an important factor for parents to consider the angle of homeschooling for their children.


  1. Flexibility

Home-schooling has increased the flexibility of the parents. They can dictate what is necessary for the child. Many parents believe that what is necessary for the child is not included in the curriculum.

Also, the current curriculum lacks very important flexibility these days. These days, the schools only concentrate on the results. They do not focus on the quality of education.

Children should be taught the basic skills in life that can help them their basic survival. But schools do not focus on skill enhancement. Instead, they focus on irrelevant things. Home-schooling has eliminated such situations.

Parents can focus on things that help a child enhance his basic life skills. They can also teach them how to deal with practical situations in life. This has offered much flexibility to both parents and the children both. It gives the right to the parents to choose whatever they think is right for the children to learn.

  • Personalized Attention

In the current school setup, every child is given equal attention irrespective of their learning capacity. The teachers have limited time and cannot devote much time to the students.

There is a lacking of personalized attention and instructions. Due to this, there may be certain gaps in the learning curve of some of the children.

But with homeschooling, every child gets equal and personalized attention. It ensures that every child gets the required attention. This boosts their confidence and morale to deal with sudden situations in life.

Especially for children with special needs, it has proven to be beneficial. They get the necessary attention that gives them self-confidence and develops their basic traits.

  • Enhanced Creativity

In home-schooling, if a child is getting personalized attention, obviously, the attention will be given to each and every aspect of a child’s personality. For example, social skills and mental skills will be given equal importance in the case of home-schooling.

When a child is being paid attention to, it motivates the child to do well in life. Also, the child gives their best in whatever they do. This makes the child creative and can lead to innovative minds in future.

The parents can be innovative themselves in home-schooling that will motivate the child to be creative and innovative. If parents have any financial constraints, they can avail of loans.

Several options are available, such as payday loans, loans for the unemployed, etc. In the UK, many people opt for borrowing to help their children in their careers.


  1. Financial fulfillments

Homeschooling means individual attention to every child. But for this individual attention, separate funds are required too. Parents have to buy everything from books to stationery to teaching aids.

Ina school, many things are common as there are other children too. Also, it will require one or both the parents to be a partial worker and a full-time home school teacher.

This can be a financial burden on the family.  Furthermore, for examinations, the parents need to register for an external applicant. This can be tedious for parents. If they are clueless of the entire process, it can bring hassle in their lives.

It can work as a big disadvantage for the parents. If parents are stressed, the stress is transferred to children as well. This will distract them from their studies.

  • Socializing

Socializing is an important aspect of a child’s development. Children meet many other children in school and interact with the same age groups. This creates a conducive environment for children to grow and learn at the same time.

 Also, at school, children engage in group activities that teach them many things and also enhance their skills.

All these activities can be difficult at home as the child is alone and may hamper the social skills of the children. Socializing helps the child deal with many challenges in life.

According to research, individuals are less prone to anxiety and depression if they are involved socially with people. Hence, it is advisable for everybody to have friends and social gatherings often.

  • Chances to further your studies

Home-schooling is a different concept in the minds of different people. This concept may be acceptable in the initial stages, but higher institutions may have a different take on home-schooling.

If a child wants to pursue higher studies, there can be challenges faced by them as there may be different reference points of different people. Some prestigious institutions may accept home-schooled children, whereas others may not accept home-schooled children.

So, it can create a difference between the level of students and also the minimum requirements for higher education.

  • Does not maintain work-life balance for parents

It is a hectic world for everybody. Every individual focuses on their job and has become a workaholic. Amidst all the work, it can be difficult for parents to take out full time to home school their children.

Maintaining a work-life balance while spending time with the children can be difficult. For home-schooling, the home has to be turned into a classroom. It requires a lot of effort and time.

With this, there can be a constant struggle in the mind of parents that will make them restless and create a misbalance in their life.


As a parent, it is always advisable to check all the pros and cons of home-schooling and then for it. The ultimate decision is yours. You should always think in the interest of your children. Their future depends on their level of education.

If you focus on all the points mentioned above, you can make your child a responsible and educated citizen. Try to be friendly with them and understand their point of view. This will keep them close to you.

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