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Meditation pillows are getting popular in recent years due to their health benefits. It is a pillow specially designed in a unique way, to sit comfortably in a good posture and can focus your mind which gives you peace. It increases flexibility, reduces stress, and builds strength. It is not unlike any other regular cushions or pillows.

It is made from buckwheat hulls which makes the pillow sturdy and soft, so you can sit for a longer period of time with comfort. The human body is not flat, it is curved in ways that if we sit or lay down on the floor it is difficult to sit in the correct posture of our body.

It helps in maintaining the natural curves of the spine. Meditation Pillows help our lower part, lift the hips to tilt forward and the lower back goes straight up the way it needs to be which decreases the pressure on our body and once the lower back is aligned everything will escape and make its way. Meditation relaxes our body and mind.

We can think clearly and get focused. it gives your body a posture that is neutral, not tilting forward or backward. A meditation pillow comes in various varieties, chosen according to your taste, size, and height required to sit. There are different types of meditation practices so you need to choose meditation pillows according to your preferred practice.


There are various kinds of meditation pillows that help you according to your needs, as you can meditate while walking, lying down or standing, still sitting is the most preferred way to meditate. Cross-legged, lotus posture or kneeling your feet tucked under you required different meditation pillows. There are two primary meditation cushions, zafu, and zabuton.


It helps you to keep a straight spine and experience deep meditation. These cushions are easily movable. It is half kapok and half buckwheat hulls. You can sit on both sides according to your needs whether you need a soft base or a sturdy base. you can turn it on its side for the required height. The most classic style is a round plated design. It lifts your hips and pushes a little forward. It is extremely conducive.

Zabuton pillows are larger and much softer; they give your knees relaxation. It is comfortable as you practice meditation.


It is a round yoga pillow with a good height and looks beautiful for the decor. It is comfortable. You can put it on the balcony, living room, hall or even in the car.


It has wider space for hips and thighs. It is best for people who have knee problems. This pillow has a natural slope. So there is no need to get a perfect posture, it will naturally help your body to be aligned in correct posture. A crescent pillow is good for the support of the knees and ankles.


if you are new, just started doing meditation then rectangular-shaped meditation pillows are a good option for you. They are the same height as round pillows. They are full, resulting in good stability. These pillows do not provide the same support for knees as others. For those who are struggling with hips, this pillow is for you.


It is large. If you want space, that is also foldable, you can get wall support. You can also double it for more elevation.

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