Mushroom Supplements – A Complete Buying Guide

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In the world of alternative medicine, mushroom supplements are all the rage. Did you know medicinal mushrooms were brewed like tea and used for their health benefits before capsules and tinctures came along?

In eastern medicine, these fungi have been used for hundreds of years. China still makes more medicinal mushrooms than any other country. With new brands of supplements coming out daily, choosing one can be challenging.

Want the best advice on how to choose high-quality mushroom supplements? This guide to buying mushroom supplements will help you choose the right ones by giving you top tips.

Best Ways to Choose Good Mushroom Supplements

Medicinal mushrooms can be found in the UK, the US, and almost everywhere. There are a lot of supplements on the market, which makes it hard to find the right ones.

Many studies have been done on medicinal mushrooms, and science has shown that they work. But, not all supplements are effective. Even though they look alike, they are not. Some work only a little or not at all. So, how do we decide which mushroom supplements are the best? These some best suggestions can help.

Know What it Contains

Medicinal mushroom extracts are used in a lot of popular supplements. You need to know what’s in it before you buy one. You can’t just grab one off the shelf and walk away with it.

Is there a particular health problem you want the supplement to help with? Then you have to choose a mushroom that deals with that problem. Let’s say you want to improve the health of your brain. Then your supplement should have Lion’s mane mushrooms in it. Also, lion’s mane mushrooms have many benefits that help keep your mental health in good shape.

The easiest way to pick a supplement is to think about what you want to get out of it. Need something to help you deal with your worries? You can buy supplements with Reishi or Lion’s mane. Try the Cordycep supplement if you want something that makes you feel more energetic and helps your lungs.

Only Choose 100% Mushrooms

Mycelium is the white root-like part that all mushrooms have. This part of the fungus acts like a root and a branch, spreading out over surfaces where mushrooms will eventually grow. You’ve seen this word if you’ve done any research on mushroom supplements.

But, you do not want mycelium supplements. You might ask, “Why?” Instead, answer this question. If you wanted to make a mushroom salad, would you use the mushrooms themselves or their gross, spiderweb-like parts?

To get the nutrients and medicines from these fungi, you should only take supplements from 100% mushroom-fruiting bodies.

Opt for Organic

When buying mushroom supplements, they must be Certified Organic. Mushrooms are very porous, so they can easily take in their surroundings. This makes it easy for fungicides, toxins, and poisonous metals like lead to getting into them.

Producers have to follow strict rules to get organic certifications. Artificial fertilizers, preservatives, and other bad ways to make things are all against the law. A product must be produced organically in a safe place and of high quality for a product to be certified.

If a supplement maker has this certification, it is more likely that they will say where they get their mushrooms. Don’t buy supplements that don’t say where they come from.

Last Thoughts

We hope these tips will help you find the high-quality mushroom supplement you need. Ensure that the supplement you buy has a seal that says it is organic. Find out what’s in the product and choose ones that only use the fruiting bodies of mushrooms.

Medicinal mushrooms in Australiacan help with a lot of different health issues. Keep in mind that these supplements are very strong. So, be sure to carefully read the label and use the right amount of the product.

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