I am losing my hair: What causes and what treatments?

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Normal or pathological, hair loss is often a source of concern and the source of many complexes. A multitude of factors can be responsible for this. In both men and women, hair loss is considered abnormal from the moment a hundred hairs are lost daily. Below, there is no need to worry. However, it is still important, in both cases, to research and understands the causes of hair loss in order to be able to remedy it. Learn to identify the triggers responsible for your own situation and discover the best solutions to deal with them.

Hair loss: how to explain it?

Whether you are a child, a man or a woman, hair loss can affect everyone at some point in their life. It responds to several symptoms that should not be overlooked to determine the cause and the aggravating factors of your condition. Hair is sensitive to many factors that can promote hair loss. It is possible to observe causes that may be common to all individuals and causes relating to sex (male or female).

Common causes

We can group together all the common causes under 4 main categories: diet, lifestyle, physiological and psychological state and the environment.


Among the most common reasons for hair loss, we find that diet plays a considerable role in accelerating/increasing this phenomenon. Indeed, the way you eat impacts the health of your hair. The more you consume food rich in sugars and fat and your intake of zinc, iron, magnesium and vitamin B is lower, the more your hair follicles are altered. In addition, an excess of the contributions necessary for the normal functioning of the hair cycle will lead to the same purpose.

A shift in the balance between acidity and alkalinity (in favour of acidity) can also lead to scalp problems and make your hair look unhealthy. The lifespan of the hair is then reduced by these deficiencies and eating disorders. The hair will be thinner and will eventually fall out. 

Recently suffered from food poisoning? It is quite likely that the cause of your thinning hair is the result of this occasional annoyance. In principle, all of these food incidents do not cause irreversible hair loss. It is enough to consult a doctor to reveal, using a blood test, the element which is lacking to you.

The hygiene of life

A true reflection of our way of life, the hair can also be harmed by tobacco consumption, diets leading to great weight loss and styling gestures (coloring, perms, straightening, etc.). These everyday gestures that we think are harmless are ultimately harmful to the health of the hair. Alcohol is another example of factor causing and aggravating hair loss. It has negative effects on the level of vitamin B6, partly responsible for the depletion of the hair.

The physiological and psychological state

Other causes interfere with proper hair development. This is particularly the case of metabolic disorders which can take various forms. We find, for example, the case of high fever, surgical shock or the loss of a member dear to his heart. These physiological or emotional problems often lead to acute hair loss after 1 to 3 months, which corrects itself over time. Hair loss can be the telltale sign of a malfunctioning thyroid (hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism), that butterfly-shaped gland in the neck that is vital for the body’s activity. To detect thyroid dysfunction, contact your doctor. He will order a blood test to determine if your thyroid hormone levels are normal.

Anagen effluvium, on the other hand, is more a result of a hair production defect. The anagen phase corresponds to the period of hair growth. If your hair falls out at this time, the hair cycle has stopped. It is advisable to consult to find a solution with your doctor.

Hair loss also one of the reson to taking medication. Chemotherapy, antimitotics, blood thinners, antidepressants, antiepileptics, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and beta-blockers are all treatments that can be responsible for hair loss. Their side effects are characterized by an abundant and brutal fall but are reversible with the complete cessation of these medicinal solutions. However, you should not stop all of these treatments yourself. You also visit yours doctor about it. Only he can guide you in this process.

It is also possible that your body is genetically designed to lose hair. Bearing the name of androgenetic alopecia, this cause is purely hereditary. If your ancestors lost their hair profusely, chances are you are suffering from the same symptoms. Your hair can also fall out for the simple reason that you have an autoimmune disease. Ringworm-type infectious diseases are also something to watch out for when you notice unusual hair loss.

The environment

Telogen effluvium is another reason for hair loss. More transient, this form of fall is often linked to the change of seasons. You should know that your hair tends to fall out in greater numbers during the arrival of spring and autumn. No need to worry, you will find your beautiful dense hair within a few weeks.

women and hair loss

Less common than in men, female hair loss is still the consequence of several gender-specific causes. 

Among these causes are:

postpartum reactive fall. It is due to a drop in female hormones after childbirth. It is classic and affects nearly half of women. Reversible, the hair can however take up to 3 months before growing back. Hormonal hair loss. A woman’s life is punctuated by upsetting periods for her body. Acne, the appearance of irregular periods, the onset of menopause are all causes responsible for hair loss. Hormonal contraceptives and taking estrogen-progestogen pills will also reduce or even block the activity of female hormones and thus disrupt the functioning of the body.


It is a disease specific to women which is manifested by excessive secretion of androgens (male hormones). These excess hormones will cause several physiological problems including hair loss.The hairstyles. More often followers of beautiful hairstyles, women sometimes have bad styling gestures for the health of the hair. Straightening, coloring and too tight hairstyles are one of the causes of female hair loss.

Men and hair loss

Men produce testosterone in large quantities. Sometimes, when this hormone is produced in excess, it is called androgenetic alopecia. This hair loss affects one in two men before the age of 50 and consists of the acceleration of hair cycles. The consistency of the hair follicle decreases and the hair disappears. This disorder, which is the main cause of hair loss in men, is hereditary and can appear at any age. Some men also have the habit of styling their hair with gestures and products that are quite aggressive for the hair. Hairspray, styling gel, and discolorations are all responsible for accelerated hair loss.

Treatments against hair loss: zoom on all the solutions.

Even if in some cases the regrowth occurs naturally and treatments are not necessary, it is quite possible to act on the causes of hair loss. To stop the first signs of normal hair loss or alopecia, it is advisable to use solutions that respond to the cause.

Local solutions

Not all hair loss can be avoided. This is particularly the case with normal and reaction falls. In these specific cases, local solutions will be used as a means of anticipation. For proven alopecia, these solutions will work to combat the symptoms of hair loss and reduce their effects. Each hair is associated with a sebaceous gland which can be interesting to treat during hair loss. Depending on the type of scalp (oily or dry) and the cause of hair loss, the application of anti-hair loss shampoos may be recommended.

For a normal fall or alopecia, it is essential to stimulate the hair follicle and rebalance the vital functions of the hair. You can, for example, use shampoos and conditioner balms enriched with quinine and B vitamins, they activate skin microcirculation and strengthen your hair. They help in faster natural regrowth. Anti-hair loss lotions and other treatments should not be ruled out either. They are equipped with active ingredients with distinct properties but all aimed at combating hair loss. 

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